the studio

PRR Architetti firm was founded in 1995. The PRR soon developed the conviction that architectural design in a cultural mission for the good of humanity and of the environment. Our constant goal is to keep a keen eye on sustainibility conceived as the capability to modify our territory in a balanced way as well as the will to control economic resources. In PRR’s essential projects, expressiveness finds a space amid rationality and simplicity. The core of our research is the linguistic potentiality of materials and volumes which tell a graceful story.



they have been part of PRR from 1992 to today

Francesca Alberti, Marina Alessi, Paolo Alleva, Ilaria Angioni, Annalisa Banfi, Alfredo Barba, Francesca Borroni, Eugenia Briganti, Luciana Buffoni, Federica Calò, Stefano Cantoia, Giovannino Casu, Oriana Gallazzi, Sonia Galli, Giulia Gatti, Livia Costa Grossi, Gianluca Larroux, Roberta Laura, Giovanni Lazzati, Ilaria Lelii, Marco Mantegazza, Manolo Moioli, Valeria Natali, Sara Pasqualetto, Laura Podda, Giovanna Polleri, Elisa Porro, Luigi Serio, Elisa Strippoli, Cecilia Zanzi.


stage programme faculty of Architecture polythecnic of milan