design|architettonico: prefab units

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In the design of public facilities, low-cost prefabricated units contribute in a crucial way to the quality of the environment and the space. the same attention given to street furniture must also be devoted to large prefabricated elements. The collaboration between PRR Architetti and C.M.C.2.0, a company specialised in the production of cement prefabs, was launched in order to meet this need by matching design sensitivity with industrial know-how. This is how design|architettonico, the new prefab line fruit of the kind of serial production specific to design and the care in every detals characterizing high-quality architecture, was initially conceived. Design|architettonico consists of a family of objects capable of adapting to different urban and suburban purposes and is an evolving project based on technology, research on nwe materials and their possible application in terms of cost containment, life and sustainibility.

  • Date: 2010 - in progress
  • Filed under: Design