kindergarden of melzo

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The project involved the renovation and expansion of the former asylum Umberto I as the site for a new nursery school and the community center of the family and the child.

It is a building of the ’30s, with a typology detached house on the street, and subsequent extension of the’ 60s.

It provides for the enlargement of the 60 demolition and construction on the grounds of his new act building to meet the demands of clients.

The new Nursery School is organized according to a system which includes the main building, the ground floor, the administrative offices and classrooms, and in expanding the ground floor and the cafeteria on the first floor, space for workshops and Special activities.

A small volume of the hinge, which connects the existing building and the extension, also performs vertical connection function between the first floor and the basement, allowing to achieve the basement service environments directly from the table, without having to pass through the spaces teaching.

  • Date: 2015-2018
  • Filed under: Architecture