country house near venice

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The building is located in a rural area with tight landscape restrictions which prescribe the use of traditional materials. The project interprets the use of a “traditionalist” jargon within a quest for a progressive synthesis of the architectural elements. Be relying on the building heritage of the area, we opted for totally reclaiming the linguistic elements and alternating them with geometrical and modern objects.

The project for the interiors of this farmhouse located in the farming plain of east veneto has a tight connection with the building tradition of the area: spaces, materials and techincal solutions may be considered a never-ending conversation beetween modernity and the tradition recoverd with radicalness; therefore in the choice of the space solutions, some rooms recover unusual functions; materials make no concessions to contemporaneity, albeit for the terseness of their shapes, which is made possible by new technologies. The fireplace in the living-room is built with handmade bricks baked in a klin. the bricks are laid in overlapping lines in order to show that they are used just a decorative element; the hearth in the kitchen is built with bricks, stone and wood according to the tradition and seeks a synthesis through its pre semi-circle shape; the staircase that leads to the upper floors recovers elements belonging to the traditional wooden staircase, which were closed with boards in order to avoid heat dispersion.

  • Date: 2002 - 2004
  • Client: Private
  • Filed under: Interiors