como lake houses

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Shape and volume of the project is been developed looking from two favoured points of view:

1 – the lakefront, it links deeply the project with landscape and territory. A territory marked by several terracings sustained by stone walls, the terracing is an essential and traditional element of the Lombardia agricultural landscape of the subalpine lake. The project use the terracing geometry as based-element of architecture.

2 – from inside to outside, otherwise the point of view from one of the apartments of the two buildings. The project is a sequence of horizontal planes ables to formed large scenic terraces connected continuously with the living spaces, divedid only by a glass wall. In and out are blended so to define a housing space designed for the pleasure and free time deeply connected with the surrounding nature. The external finishes, as the stone walls and the terrace paving, carry on the inner living spaces so to create a visual continuity.

The staggered volumes of the buildings floors and the external spaces create downstram small courtyards for the studio and bedrooms so to create secret and intimate spaces toward the nude stone. The chosen finishing (stone walls, grey and dove gray) are colors and materials already present in the landscape, able to mitigate the new buildings with the existing stone walls on the background.

  • Date: 2015 - in progess
  • Client: private
  • Filed under: Architecture