restoration of a historical park in tuscany

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Landscape project, estate of the scompiglio.

The landscape expresses the synthesis of the human activities in a natural context and their collocation in a cultural environment, the formal aspect of the area, the territory experienced by the people whose character derives from the action of natural and/or human factors and their infinite interrelations. They are natural, rural, urban spaces, land and water, amazing landscapes, decaying elements in which natural heritage and human behaviour coexist.
The perception of the landscape makes you want to read into the stratification of time, the sedimentation of human activity, the complementarity of history and nature. The attention to the genius loci makes you want to deepen the knowledge of the social and cultural, architectural language and the customary features that characterize this environment. It is necessary to know the features of these places, the sequence of the spaces, the borders, the geometry, the formal and informal language, the agricultural environment, the green texture

In the landscape project of the Scompiglio, art, nature and culture are at the centre of the rediscovery and of the upgrading of concepts such as experiencing the bond between man/nature. The project preserves and safeguards green areas, recovers and enhances the elements of the landscape, proposes strong marks in the green building system and intervenes with primitive gestures where the sense of nature impregnates behaviour and ideas, morals and creativity. The different places in the estate become themes of the project, points of reference and organisation of the landscape: new places to live, have fun and work in; new informal contemplation and meeting spaces; new paths where to establish new relationships. The physical space is modified according to different contradictory and sometimes conflictual needs: the balance of the natural environment, the preservation and enhancing of the form of the landscape, the demand for new interventions functional to activities and human settlement. The goal of the project becomes offering new hints for the sensory fruition of the space, of the perfume, the colour, the light, new harmonies between men and nature within a discipline subject to time: man moves through landscape, the landscape moves, changes, grows, beauty is ephemeral. The project is continuously evolving and its predominant themes are trees and gateways where to search beyond for a beautiful landscape which enables us to grasp dimensions beyond our individuality. This entails sharing many features with architecture, dance and art; landscape architecture becomes a material, tactile and spacial instrument.

On the other hand, experiencing beauty in sensory terms makes people more environment friendly. Experiencing the landscape can be a preferential way to perceive the environment and to guarantee its protection with the consciousness that sustainability conceived as an ethical concept is positioned between the ego- centric and eco-centric vision of the world, between an antropic and a non-antropic vision. The sensitivity towards beauty, the will to experience new paths defy conventions and focus on what surrounds us, on empathy, respect, care, on the active attitude of creating  a relationship with the landscape that has been designed.

  • Date: 2004 - 2012
  • Client: privato
  • Filed under: Landscape