industrial and office building in cislago

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The building is located in an industrial area with woods at its back. The main body, which is devoted to production activities, is made of armoured concrete and bottom box prefab boards. It ends with a transparent continuous façade overlooking a small private square. Transparency is complete: it uncovers the building system of the edifice and the support and connection technological elements of the façade. The three floors around which the office building is organised are hinted from the outside by a metal colour body which fits into the long main building and leans out where the pedestrian entrance begins.

In this office building, hearth and mind of the long industrial building, interiors are directly and virtually related with the outside. When the patios the forest is brought within the building; tha facade overlooks the contryside; both elements capture the light that filters through the wide windows. Terse materials and minimal details enhance the transparency and modernity qualities that reflect the spirit of the client.

  • Date: 2001 - 2006
  • Client: private
  • Filed under: Architecture, Interiors