PEA+A environmental and artistic education

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Starting the scholastic year 2013/2014 the associations “il Gelso Gerenzano” and “Cooperativa Ardea” with the landscape designer Giuliana Gatti and Stefania Restelli offer a program of environmental education together the primary school of Gerenzano. The main items are strict linked with environmental values of the territory so to bring the students to discover a world little known but rich of surprises. The idea to have a naturalistic experience connected with an artistic one, gives the opportunity to the children to discover the own territorial reality, in particular the environment perception, through the experimentation of several artistic forms and relations.
The leading actor is the nature with its elements that is able to offer several creative incentives and the opportunity to experiment different technics of composition and assembling. Nature and art are two worlds in continuous dialog between each other’s: building ties with images, suggestions and emotions. The didactic environmental moments developed by the two associations and the teachers it is followed to pratical works, guided tour, artistic workshop, observation and collection activities and designing in team. Finally the contents are re-elaborated by the teachers.

  • Date: 2012-2016
  • Client: amministrazione pubblica
  • Filed under: Landscape