private villa in ticino park

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Immersed in a uique area, the bank of the river Ticino near the Turbigo bridge. The project enivsages the extraordinary maintenance of the main building which happens to be home to the owners. The goals of the project are the improvement of the interior distribution, greater architectural homogenenity especially in the elevation, simplification and improvement in the quality of materials and existing finishing. The project is closely linked to that on the outside space and the garde by Mario Mariani. Small building close to the ticino river, immersed in a luxurious garden with the delicate colours that characterized pebbly riverbanks. The project creates permeable environment: the strange suspended outdoor atmosphere enters violently the house whose main feature is a relaing monochrome obtained with the shades of grey. Wood, resins mixed with the river soil, raw iron: all these materials enhance the feeling of naturalness and empathy with the landscape.

  • Date: 2007 - 2008
  • Client: private
  • Filed under: Architecture, Interiors