rockspot, indoor climbing gym

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The industrial building converted to the gym is a great evocative beauty shed: one large space, for twenty-five hundred meters, covered by iron trusses that form a light watermark in contrast to the massive crane, suspended to fourteen meters high.
The industrial history of the place has helped to focus the project, directing the choice of materials and finishes.
Service spaces and old building coexist in constant dialogue, even if the true stars are the imposing vertical surfaces with hundreds of ski routes. Upon entering the eye it is attracted by the only environment that has its focal point in the overhang of the back wall; all volumes help to reinforce this perception, finding the right layout, almost natural, the result of joint work between those who know the needs and practices of climbing indoor and who translated them into set design.
The new architecture of the services block is characterized by a contemporary language, with shapes and materials evocative of natural climbing space and an almost stylized simplicity of form. The wood that covers it also shows the industrial packaging they built in the past, the inner landscape of the industrial building.

Photo: Dario Ballabio | Matteo Motta

  • Date: 2012 - 2013
  • Client: Private
  • Filed under: Architecture