villa in monticello brianza

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A private villa created by the green low hills of Monticello Brianza: a simple system in two volumes partially underground. Feature of the project is the generosity of the views towards the panoramic view that spans North visually part of the Alps. The building is developed with respect to the context and in particular of the morphological characteristics of the soil: the reference is to the specific place with its natural terraces, and then the presence of horizontal lines, with natural colors of the plaster to draw the stone and vegetation, and place in a broader sense with the resumption of the tradition in the materials and construction techniques, interpreted according to a contemporary language in the quality of spaces, openings and simplicity of the architectural design, which are well integrated into the landscape. Particular attention is paid to internal-external relationship, in an ongoing dialogue, where each internal destination is thought an external extension with a generous porch, extended terraces and a roof garden.

Photo by Andrea Ceriani

  • Date: 2018
  • Client: privato
  • Filed under: Architecture