projects timeline

2020/work in progress, residential building project in Moltrasio CO, work in progress

2020/work in progress, project for a new indoor climbing gym in Milan, work in progress

2020/work in progress, renovation project of residential building in Triuggio MB, work in progress

2019/work in progress, masterplan and green infrastructure in Pero MI, work in progress

2019/work in progress, traccia Azzurra cycle and pedestrian path between Abbiategrasso and Vigevano Mi and PV, work in progress

2019/work in progress, konza Techno City – Landscape design, work in progress

2019/work in progress, reuse project of industrial building in Milan, work in progress

2019/in corso, showroom image renewal in Segrate Client Rossini Illuminazione work in progress

2019/in corso, warehouse renovation in Caponago Executive planning. Customer East Ticino Villoresi work in progress

2019/ work in progress, extension and renovation villa in Portorico work in progress

2019/ work in progress, apartment renovation in Gerenzano work in progress

2019/ work in progress, new distribution of the interior spaces of an office in Como work in progress

2019/ work in progress, new distribution of the interior spaces of an office in Milano work in progress

2018/ work in progress, play area in the Viale Montecuccoli in Dolzago LC  work in progress

2019/ work in progress, new B&B in Argegno realized 

2019/ work in progress, apartment renovation in Milano realized

2018/ work in progress, apartment renovation and terrace in Milano work in progress

2018/ work in progress, extension of a dental office in Saronno work in progress

2018, extension of Rock Spot indoor climbing gym in Milano realized

2017/ work in progress, restoration project of Villa Arconati in Castellazzo di Bollate MI work in progress

2017/ work in progress, extension of the production facility, cycle and pedestrian paths in Pero MI work in progress

2017/ work in progress, maintenance of the SIREC Pero MI work in progress

2017/ work in progress, green area arrangement – Milan West district heating system – new pumping station work in progress

2018/ work in progress, environmental compensation works of the Torrente Lura work in progress

2017/ 2018, Office renovation in Napoli realized

2017/ work in progress, residential building project in Sala Comacina work in progress

2017/ work in progress, single-family house project in Gerenzano work in progress

2017, green infrastructure at the Bosco Sotena realized

2016/2017, completing new school in Asolo realized

2016/2018, center of the Reuse Cassano d’Adda MI realized

2016/ 2017, apartment renovation in Como realized

2016, two apartments renovation in Milano realized

2016, the butterfly garden in Montorfano CO realized

2015/2018, residence on Como lake holydays apartments Argegno (Co) realized 

2011/work in progress, piccolo Cottolengo Don Orione restoration of the offices level, façades restoration, green area requalification: therapeutic garden, restoration of the swimming pool area, alzheimer departments restructuring, kitchen block renovation, renovation of common and recreational areas Milan work in progress

2015/2018, Livescia torrent environmental regenaration integrated and multisectorial, Cassina Rizzardi territory Parco del Lura realized 

2015/work in progress, private house Monticello Brianza (CO) work in progress

2014/2015, private house renovation Cerro Maggiore (MI) realized

2015/ work in progress, entrance and parking for new shed and office building in Pero MI work in progress

2014/2018, design of two residential buildings in Argegno CO realized

2013/2015, local architect for Expo 2015 local team activity and direction of works for the PO Israeli Pavilion “Fields of Tomorrow” construction Milan realized

2004/2015, urban recovery plan for 70 residential building units with public spaces Cusano Milanino (MI) realized

2015, scuola Umberto I kindergarten restoration Melzo (MI) preliminary project - concluded

2008/2017, park requalification villa Borletti Origgio (VA) realized 

2014/work in progress, Pedemontana motorwayenvironmental regeneration for PL8 motorway, Cirimido (CO), Fenegrò (CO), Limido Comasco (CO), Turate (Co) work in progress

2014, temporary shop interior design and renovation Milan realized

2013/2014, shoprenovation of a old bakery Milan realized

2013, skate park Sorbara new leisure center and skate park Bomporto (MO) realized

2013/2014, palazzina ex-fornace supplemented tender Riccione (RN) realized

2013/2014, casa della legalità supplemented tender Bomporto (MO) realized

2013, Guisa torrent environmental infrastructures, water sources regenation and soil defense Bollate (MI) realized

2012/2013, temporary educational buildings reconstruction project after the Emilia earthquake scholastic gym in Galliera (BO)
scholastic gym in  San Giovanni in Persiceto (BO), primary school in Pilastri, Bondeno (FE), “Giovanni XIII” secondary school, Galliera (BO), “Quacquarelli” secondary school, S.Giovanni in Persiceto (BO), realized

2012, Rockspot structure for indoor clymbing, Pero (MI), realized

2006/2012, restoration of the historical park, tenuta dello Scompiglio Vorno (LU) realized

2007/2012, green-sustainable housing Cislago (VA) realized

2010/2012, vegetable gardens Melzo (MI) realized

2010/2012, green area requalification via A.Moro/via Zanutel/viale Olanda – Melzo (MI) realized

2006/2012, kindergarten and early childhood center green sustainable project Cusano Milanino (MI) realized

2010/2012, STU the station of Melzo interchange and mobility center Melzo (MI) realized

2012, design hospitality and obtain leisure decoration project ExpoRivaHotel 2012 realized

2011/2012, salus – prefab spa design|architettonico project programm realized

2011/2012, mini house – prefab modular houses design|architettonico project programm project of research

2011, i mari d’italia decoration project SUN 2011 realized

2011, Sole 24 Ore, pillole di architetture decoration project MADEexpo 2011 realized

2010/2011, residential unit renovation San Felice al Circeo (LT) realized

2010/work in progress, design architettonico project of prefab modules with C.M.C.2.0 Prefabbricati realized

2010, residential unit and historical park renovation provincia di Como realized

2009/2010, conservation analysis of the villa Marazza park Borgomanero (NO) realized

2010, Acquaterra shop Milan realized

2010, residence Rho (MI) realized

2007/2010, private house Gerenzano (VA) realized

2007/work in progress, new driveability, green area and cycling lane for an industrial compound Barlassina (MI) work in progress

2009, RES economical sustainability housing prefab housing low cost project realized

2009, co-working in industrial buildings project of research

2009, allotment planning for an industrial area Gerenzano (VA) realized

2007/2009, leisure activity area in Fregio al naviglio Boffalora (MI) realized

2008/2009, childhood center and multifunctional hall Cislago (VA) realized

2006/2009, skate park and landscaping project landscape project for an urban parceling plan Saronno (VA) realized

2006/2009, private house on the Orta lake Pettenasco (VB) realized

2007/2008, humid area requalification Verderio Supriore (LC) realized

2007/2008, private house in Ticino river park Galliate (NO) realized

2006/2008, urban infrastructures requalification, via Buonaparte Bovisio Masciago (VA) realized

2007, new Telmotor S.p.a. building Saronno (VA) realized

2007, set designing productive laboratories for Studio Festi S.r.l. Venegono Superiore (VA) realized

2005/2007, environmental regeneration for a small lake in the Arese Borromeo park Cesano Maderno (MI) realized

2006, residential building restoration Milano realized

2004/2006, building restoration for a new residence Rho (MI) realized

2001/2006, industrial building with headquarter office for SOCECA s.r.l. Cislago (VA) realized

2004/2011, new industrial building for GEUS s.r.l. Rho (MI) realized

2004, shop and offices restoration for F.lli Zaffaroni Jerago con Orago (VA) realized

2002/2004, country house in Veneto Annone Veneto (VE) realized

2003, country house in Emilia Correggio (RE) realized

2001/2003, new industrial building for Milano Attrezzature s.r.l. Cusano Milanino (MI) realized

2001/2003, new laboratories and offices for Best Cotton s.r.l. Gallarate (VA) realized

2000/2002, private house Gerenzano (VA) realized

2001, new company building for HTS Italia S.p.A. Lacchiarella (MI) realized

2000/2001, municipal cemetery extention entrance and main chapel Gerenzano (VA) realized

2000/2001, new kindergarten garden for G. Cottolengo in Turate Turate (VA) realized

2000, detailed project for the main building and laboratories in Cisco System for PCMR Monza(MI) realized

2000, garden & country. The garden of the private house parco di Novegro (MI) competition – winner project

2000, municipal building, library and public park in Caronno P.lla Caronno Pertusella (MI) competition – awarded project

1998/2000, urban villa’s restoration for contemporary art collectors Torino realized

1997/1999, Fastosi office building Gerenzano (VA) realized

1999, industrial and office buildings renovation Saronno (VA) realized

1996/1999, music school Saronno (VA) realized

1996/1999, private two-family house Saronno (VA) realized

1998, restoration of a courtyard house Gerenzano (VA) realized

1998, residence and office – building concept with M. Mussapi and M. Gambolò Taj Pej Taiwan realized

1994/1998, historical park’s restoration, casa militare Umberto I in Turate Turate (CO) realized

1996, requalification of the public spaces in the old town centre, Caravaggio Caravaggio (BG) competition – awarded project

1996, Europan 4 – costruire la città sulla città Caronno Pertusella (MI) competition – last selection

1993/1996, private house Gerenzano (VA) realized

1992/1994, new garden for primary and secondary school, Turate Turate (VA) realized