Since 2010 a group of designers with different specificities collaborated in the drafting of integrated projects by building a solid foundation of shared experiences that become, in 2013, a collective unit. The working methods shared are at the base of the new multi-professional structure that takes the name of PRR+ and builds structures in the public and private sectors, following the process from concept to construction management.


Integrated design in PRR+

We have developed integrated professionalism, which allow us to offer a complete design service: from concept to executive and managerial aspects of the project and the site, the size of the detail of the landscape, covering all the needed specifi city:

Project Management | Architectural design | Structural design | Systems design | Environmental planning | Energy Design | Safety

The sum of these different expertises, attributable to a single referent, the quality of the project and efficiency of the service increase and also allows you to reduce costs by avoiding ineffi ciencies in the pipeline. We operate for years with public and private clients, managing different needs, from the simplest to the most complex, to the regulatory management of integrated contracts architecture, landscape and architectural design.

the PRR+ team

Architectural design, landscaping and interior design
arch. sara pivetta
arch. stefania restelli
arch. stefano rigoni

structural engineering
ing. federico burgio

Infrastructure, hydraulics and environmental design, safety
ing. marco la viola

systems design, fire prevention design and energetic design
arch. sara rampoldi
dott. luigi rampoldi

arch. luigi serio
ing. alessandro rosati
ing. francesco zanetti

further skills
dott. agr. paolo alleva agronomo
arch. oriana gallazzi computi e direzione lavori
arch. ilaria lelii sostenibilità e restauro p.i.
maurizio molteni acustica

softwares (pc | mac)
windows 7
microsoft office 2003, 2007, 2010
autocad 2012
adobe suite cs6
light wave 8
italsoft group tekno
noise studio
vector work
file maker

english, german, spanish, french